Everything we do at some point we are a so called Beginner. From our early child hood we learned how to walk talk and eat. But how did we accomplish these obstacles? We consistently worked toward it and became natural or a habit. How many times do you think we fell or got bananas on our bib? Having two kids of my own now im going to go out on a limb and say a lot. My goal as a teacher is to develop the best process for developing players that has ever been assembled. An easy approach that anyone can improve all you have to do is commit. When a new golfer comes my way we talk about goals time management processes ect.  Based off of what we feel they are ready to commit to we put a plan in place. From practice to play to x number of reps in various areas of the game and rounds. I’ve seen numerous players buy in and go straight to work and come up short of their goals. To reach your peak its important to fail. You have to fail in practice and most importantly you have to fail in competition. The more you fail and reassess and go back to work the quicker you will over come fear and anxiety of whether or not you can get it done.  The number one difference in the top players and others is Self confidence and Experience. Do yourself a favor this upcoming season and hit a few less range balls and find a few more tournaments to play in. Find the best players you can find and tee it up. Mentally you need to know where you stand and most importantly you need to consistently lose to be able to win. – Sasha