Golf is a weird game huh? One day you’re hitting the ball great the next day you’re struggling to hit the face. When players call for my advice on their games very rarely are they hitting both the driver and irons poorly. When they are killing the driver they are scraping the irons when they are striking the irons they are hitting the driver in the neck or high in the face. The question we all need to ask ourselves is why? Why are we hitting one club so good and the other so bad? Everyone swings the club different and there are a million ways to skin a cat. Most golfers NOT ALL have too much movement off the ball with a flat shoulder and hip pivot. Those golfers will hit the driver solid for the most part but tend to struggle to compress the iron shots. When working with players on Driver vs Irons there are some items that I attack in order to improve compression. Below we will walk you through a step by step approach to start to compress your iron shots. And to help go along with the title!! STOP UNWEIGHTING YOUR LEAD FOOT.


  • Setup– More pressure in your lead leg at set up. From a numbers perspective I like to see 55/45 or 60/40. Not a ton of spine tilt behind the ball. Look at the middle of the ball when you are hitting your irons!
  • Steeper shoulder pitch To practice this use an alignment rod and make sure the end of the rod when you pivot is a least pointing at the ball line not flat and around. By doing this your hips and shoulders will move on a more inclined pivot. This will allow the pressure in your feet to not move more than 30/70 at the top of your swing and make it easier to step into your lead leg again in transition and compress your iron shots.