Practice makes Perfect! Ever heard that saying before? If your goals are to be the best you can be your time management and routine needs to be in line to match those goals. I’ve spent some time over the years studying the best players in the world to get a better understanding of how they are performing at a higher level. A ton of it is experience and guidance but the they also have a ton of data that shows them where to attack the following day. Below I’m going to walk your though a routine I’ve developed off of stats from the best to average Pga Tour players. If you can follow this consistently and grade your practice performance and grow your game will improve.

3 Foot Putting- Make 25 3 footers in a row around the hole. Make sure to go through a full routine. Miss Restart

6 Foot Putting- Make 8/10 putts from 6 feet.

2 Putt the longest uphill and downhill put in a row 3

Throw 10 balls around the green get 8 /10 up and down to the same hole.  Less than 8 restart

Proximity to Hole Wedges- 20-40-60-80-100 3 balls in a row in a 20 foot circle from all 5 stations.

150 Yard shot- 3 in a row on a green from this yardage

180 Yard shot- 3 in a row on a green from this yardage

Bunker shots- 5 in a row in a 15 foot circle


Drivers 5 of 7 in a fairway of your choice


Scoring area- Now make a 2 from 20 40 60 80 and 100 yards. If you make more than a 3 restart..


Complete this routine at least 1 time per week!! Don’t waist any more time wondering why you are not improving at a  quicker pace.