You have a week to dig in and get after it. The hard part is over you have put in the work and tested yourself over and over. From here till next week evaluating yourself and time management is going to be the key to you and your teams success. Below im going to list a step by step approach to help you prepare to win but the key is to develop the confidence to play fearless golf during practice. Looking back at your last round where is the opportunity to improve? Ball striking wedges putting self confidence course management? You need to sit down and ask yourself what is the real opportunity for me to move forward this week? Lets get after it!

Putting- Make 1 putt from a foot to 10 foot in a row? Can you climb the ladder? Miss restart. Don’t take this lightly and finish it. Id use tees to mark my spots. Distance Putting- 2 putt 9 holes in a row on the putting green. Your goal is to miss all putts high. Miss restart.

Chipping and Pitching- Chip one ball in with a pitching wedge or 7 iron. Don’t stop from around the green until this has been completed.

Wedges- Make a 2 from 20-40-60-80-100 make more than 3 restart. Odd days work 30-50-70-90-110. This is where the birdies fly.. Dig in..

Full swing- 2 to 3 balls per club different club for every shot. Do you have what club you will hit the most off the tee? How far are the par threes? Develop a routine that will stand up to the toughest test.

Play 18 holes preparing yourself mentally to play fearless golf. Zero scores thoughts just 100 percent concentration on performing the shot to the best of your ability and moving on no matter the result.


During this entire routine you need to feel like each shot is to win the tournament. If it doesn’t then your not putting yourself to the test. Do you want to win? Better prepare yourself for it..