Every Practice Session Needs Accountability 

The game of golf is challenging that’s for sure. Most players don’t help themselves improve and spin their wheels for years. More often than not, 99.9 percent of all practice sessions are range balls with no routine or structure. Then when we hit the links the nerves don’t allow us to translate the same swing or shots on the course. Why? Because we are not hitting the majority of those shots on the range. I’d rather see someone make ten 3-foot putts in a row hit a ball a club at a specific target and get in the car than repeatedly hitting 4000 7-irons into an open field with zero purpose! In 2019 understand where your game is and change your practice to where every area of your game has a certain task you have to complete to move to the next. Turn it up as you improve and thank me later! The players that attack their plan with the most consistently will improve the most!! 

-Sasha Catron

Meet the Teachers

Sasha Catron
Sasha CatronDirector of Instruction
4 Time TSSAA HS State Tournament Qualifier
2 * All State Honoree
4 Time All South Atlantic Conference
2 Time DII Super Region Qualifier
Multiple Individual Titles and Course Records
Carolina Mountain Mini Tour Check Receiver
Hank Haney Certified Instructor
Boditrak/Ground Mechanics Certified Instructor
Multiple Players Guided to the collegiate level
Trackman Certified Instructor
Todd Ricker
Todd RickerProfessional Short Game Coach
Todd has always been someone I’ve looked up to not only because of his golf skills but because of the way he carries himself daily. Our students should be excited to soak in all the knowledge he brings to the table! – Sasha Catron

• College All American/Tusculum HOF Member
• 1996 United State Amateur Participant
• Professional Golfer 1996-2003
• Attended multiple short games schools over the years. (David Pelz)
• Multiple Course Records

Putting shouldn’t be as complicated as many make it. There are multiple ways to get the ball in the hole. The key is to formulate a plan and stroke that doesn’t take a ton of thought and allows your imagination and feel to take over- Todd Ricker

Fundamental of Putting
• Thoughts
• Read
• Routine
• Stoke
• Reset
Fundamentals of Pitch and Chip
• Turf and Land Location Analysis to assist with Club Selection
• Weight Forward
• Ball position handle position
• Strike Location with Minimal Ground Interaction

Little Tikes- Ages 5-8 $100 per month

This program will be 30/45 min one time per week. It’s structured to help the kids get involved with the game and have fun. Each week they will practice a different fundamental then play a game to finish. Program Runs Oct-Oct with the goal of the student developing and moving to our beginner program.

Beginner Program – $100 per month

This program has been structured to help students understand how to practice install fundamentals and learn to play the game. Each week we will focus on a different area and push the student to finish task that will become tougher as they progress. Each class will last 1 hour. The program will run Oct-Oct.

Fuel Program- All Ages- $100 per month

This program is for the student that has taken a step in becoming a better golfer. They have passed the beginner criteria and are focused on continuing the development and working toward our elite program. The student must be able to pass our testing to enter the Elite Program

Elite Program – $400 per month

This program has been structured to take the serious student to play collegiate golf or chase professional dreams. The students will be held accountable in all phases of their game each week and pushed to improve. Each week the group will meet to work thru different phases just like a college practice will be structured. Data will be collected at the beginning of class in all phases from speed to combine scoring and we will use those baseline numbers to build on. The student will receive one lesson weekly from Todd and Sasha Individually as well to give them the one on one time that is needed.

Junior League – $100 per month

Match play structure all ages. 3 divisions Beginner-Elite They will play each player in their division 2 times

Introducing Trackman 4

Announcing the newest addition to our training arsenal.

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Little TikesBeginner ProgramFuel ProgramElite ProgramJunior LeagueTrackman

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