Today’s practice facilities set up most golfers for failure. Most, not all, have a putting green and a driving range and that is it. Some are not fortunate enough to have a range. On the range we have yardage markers of 100-150-200-250-300. Guess what yardages golfers get locked in on? You got it the same numbers on the range. Unless they are on the course they really don’t get a good feel for the yardages from 20-100. The wedge game in my opinion is an extremely important area for golfers to spend their time getting locked in. Think about all the times you get over a shot when you reach this area of the course. Do you become extremely confident or worried about the result? If your not prepared your going to become nervous that’s a fact!! When looking at golf swings students that are able to control the face and impact from hip high to hip high usually play a high level of golf. Sounds like a wedge swing to doesn’t it?

Over the past few years my number of rounds played has really depleted. A Full Time Job at Landair, Teaching and kids will do a number to the ole golf game. But during this time I’ve been able to post some solid numbers still with the lack of reps. For me to prepare to get ready I spend a lot of time working on my wedge game. Trying to get a feel for distances and control of the flight and dispersion. My go to drill is for the first couple days work solely on reps. Ill hit 10-15 shots from each yardage with full routine. The third day ill incorporate a game called 2 or better. Depending on the students level the par for the yardage will be different.  I’ve got to make a 2 from each yardage to move back. If I make a score worse than 3 then ill restart from 20 yards. After completing this drills my game feels really ready to compete with little to no time spent working on it. No matter what your skill level you can incorporate this task to your practice routine. After a few times of completing it you will agree that the Wedge Game is an area of the game that cannot be overlooked in practice.  The question is how often will you stick to working on it? -Sasha