How many players do you think call me to work on something other than improving their swing? Maybe that’s where we are with the development of our players locally. Improving contact and ball striking is important and please don’t think it isn’t. We have to hit the ball well to increases the number or birdie chances we have. Several months ago listening to Pga Tour coverage they were interviewing John Rahm. They were discussing the steps he had taken to improve his game recently and what was needed to improve the upward trend. He stated that he had stop being so hard on himself and was working hard to not complain about shots or bad breaks. Check this out!. Yesterday he went on to win Tigers Hero Event. After the win he was asked the keys to winning and he continued to talk about staying in the moment and positive as well as committing to each shot. You can tell there is a serious focus on him becoming mentally tougher than his opponent.  Our better Jr Golfers we have developed have got to the point where they are traveling competing and work to be the best they can be. Each week ill watch them prepare play and listen to the good and the bad. More bad than good obviously. Its so funny im getting really good at reading players. If you don’t get a text or call you can assume the score and if they call its always good. If a parent was to ask me pre round whether or not I thought little Jonny was going to play well I could almost tell them based off of our last time together. From the preparation they were putting in to their attitude while we were working. It all tells a story that we will read on a future score card. Golf has to be one of the hardest games in the world! Don’t believe me ask Jack Hogan and more of the goats. They will tell you that they hit the ball good 30% of the time. 30 % is a low number and you can imagine all of the complaining that goes with that! If you want to take another step with you’re game have to become mentally tougher than the competition.  How can someone go about improving their own mental toughness? Its a process that’s for sure and has to be practiced daily to become a habit. Can you get up early consistently so you can maximize the time you have to improve? Can you eat right so you can compete at a high level? Can you stick to the process you and your coach have developed that will allow you to peak in competition? Can you handle hitting shots that are not great? Can you recover and finish strong? Can you play holes never thinking about score? Can you worry about you and never others? Moral of the story is we don’t have time to waist. We only have so much time before out time is up. Why waist it on worrying about others and acting like 2 year olds getting mad? Take pride in being the first there and the last to leave! Concern yourself with being prepared to handle whatever is being thrown your way. There are millions of different grips postures and swings! Sometimes we have to brain wash ourselves to thinking something even when its not. When you constantly tell yourself you suck and complain about shots the hill climb gets tougher.  Seems as if Mr Rahm has figured this out even if it took a few broken clubs.