Last week I was asked to trade lessons for a ticket to Augusta! I’ve been offered to go a couple times but never pulled the trigger. Last night when I laid down I knew today was going to be special but little did I know this was going to be a day id never forget. Around 8 am we were entering the grounds and I received a text stating Tiger and Phil were paired together for the practice round. From that very second I knew where id be spending the majority of my day. Walking down 10 my heart stopped! All I could see was Bubba hooking that wedge on the green and the multiple tee shots id witnessed on TV over the years. Swiftly walking down 11 to catch the group I stopped and witnessed a different looking Tiger. He was laughing smiling but at the same time locked in. In the 7 holes I watched he made two eagles and a bird. Swing wise he is really trying to stay on top of his shots. After watching those guys on the back I took in a few pimento cheese sandwiches and headed to the range. Rosie was warming up with a Tour Sticker Smart Ball. He probably has one of the better moves tempo wise on tour. Thomas Pieters was working with Coach Pete Cowen on keeping the club in front of him and applying pressure to the back of the ball. The teacher in me really locked in today to the players but also how the teachers interacted with the players. I’m always preaching to my students constantly about the importance of preparation. These guys work so hard to be the best,until you witness it you have no idea. Billy Horshal completed a putting drill from 3-6-9-12-15 that took him nearly an hour. One Putting fundamental that really caught my eye today was Hideki Matsuayama. His stance with his setup up really locked his lower body in. The feet were Pigeon Toed in and the knees were flexed just enough to activate his quads and keep his lower stable. Several players were using rulers as well as the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor. From a full swing standpoint what really stood out was the rhythm that each player had. Each player is different but they have so much control of the bottom of the arc as well as speed. If you were to ask me what separates these players from everyone else id say their focus on each shot. They watch the balls until they have come to a complete stopped on the range. Locked in is not even a good word for it. These guys are the best golfers in the world because of their extreme attention to detail and consistency to their approach. In closing I’ve been asked a lot who I think will win. Let me say that id love for Tiger to win but these are the events he really cares about lets be honest. He’s put himself through a lot over the last few years mixed with injuries. If he’s really lost the demons and is locked in like it looks he really may be the favorite. But my money is on Justin Thomas! Sunday at Augusta is tough when you have not had a ton of golf tournaments over the past few years. Joe id like to thank you for today. Ill never forget walking down that hill on 10. Today clarified what id already thought for a very long time. If you want to be great your going to have to work hard day in and day out. Hope everyone enjoys this event its going to be great.