Trackman has opened so many doors for my teaching and training. Being able to manage each and every player in all phases of the game with accurate information is so valuable. Recently I’ve been digging into various data that students send me through reports combines and lessons. From how consistent are they at hitting the ground and face to what the speed looks like. My ELITE level players are extremely consistent with all three of those phases as well as controlling their face to path numbers. But the most interesting data I’ve collected is with their speed. Yea all better players swing it faster but that isn’t what is jumping out to me. The fact that the better players can consistently swing it at that rate of speed for a longer period of time is the real opportunity. I’m seeing a drop off around the 40th ball up of speed of around 1 to 2 mph. Trackman has taught us that 1 mph can equal up to three yards of distance. Loosing 6 yards of distance after the front 9 could be a serious issue. The longest golf courses for most players are in the 7000 yard range. Convert those yards to miles and you are sitting right at 4 miles of coverage. My question is will your golf swing hold up to 4 miles and be able to maintain your speed and swing bottom control? We all know that the best players in the world in all sports get tougher as the finish line gets closer! Are you able to get it done in the 4th quarter? I’d say we all need to take a closer look at our practice time to see if we are preparing to close our rounds like the best in the world finish the 4th quarter.