If you are a golfer you understand what we are talking about when it comes to this time of the year. Everywhere you turn the greens are plugged from course to course. Many of our students will be tested over the next few weeks so its important that we talk our way thru a solid approach. Take a minute and process what is actually being done to the greens and how that can affect the bounce of pitches chips and full shots as well as putts. Turf is being extracted watered and replaced with sand. The pitches and chips tend to stop quicker with less roll out and the putts jump off line at times other times they may hop from off line to in the hole. Everyone in each event will have to play the same greens you are playing. They will hit putts that looked good then missed and hit some that looked bad and went in. Controlling the speed of the putts needs to be a huge focus but more importantly controlling your mind will determine your success. 90% of your competition is going to be complaining from the start. Becoming great at anything takes a ton of mental toughness dont let something that is out of your control affect the way you think or react unless becoming part of that other 10% doesn’t motivate you.. Sasha