What’s it going to take for you to become the best you can be? Our minds are always running 100 mph. As a teacher/coach your always trying to find as many competitive advantages possible to help your students grow. Over the years I’ve spent countless hours honing my craft as a teacher and player. There were many nights and early days where the only person I had to talk with were me and my goals. That quite place followed me to tournaments and events as well. During my best rounds there wasn’t a lot of clutter going on in my head closing out rounds. Some days it honestly felt like id put myself in a trance and drown out all the noise. Ever get tired of hearing players complain or blame everything on everyone else but themselves? Yea I didn’t hear a lot of that because deep down that was the difference in being able to perform at a higher level. Today the best players I teach are extremely quite with their approach. They are working while others are not and hardly ever do you hear them complain make excuses or talk down to others to make them feel good. They are focused on consistent and efficient improvement! For them to be able to finish those shots out and rounds out its going to get extremely quite. How do I know that? Because over the years I’ve shot 65 on Sunday and 75 as well. Find your quite approach and become more efficient and your competition will hear you load and clear.