Hitting balls and putts helps develop feel and sequencing but without a purpose its nothing more that exercise. Imagine if a basketball team never performed anything but layups and shooting with no scrimmaging. No one ever around to make them adjust their shots or passes. What about their heart rate? Never having to manage their breathing because of the moment or fatigue. Golfers really struggle trying to create a consistent routine that test them in all phases. A routine that makes them adjust to get it done or puts some real heat on them to test how mentally tough they are! Think about the last time you went out to practice and what that looked like? From the putting green to full swing what took place? Many not all do not even hit all phases of the game. Last week talking with some Tour coaches we were discussing what some things the best players in the world do to prepare. One topic really caught my attention when talking about Edorado Molinari. Before he tees off before every tournament he applies pressure to his routine. Making 6 8 foot putts in a row before heading to the first tee. The purpose of this is to put him against the clock add pressure to complete the drill so that hes not late for his time or even slow down anything else he wants to complete before he tees off. Would you ever put that type of pressure on yourself prior to an event? Heck a lot of players we see on a day to day basis do not apply that type of pressure to their daily routine let alone day of tournament routine. If you really want to take another step this year attacking the way you prepare will go a long way in determining how you finish rounds and shoot the scores you want to shoot. Develop a plan that really puts the heat on your game! Below ill provide an example of the way a daily practice routine needs to look like. You do not have to follow this example exactly because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses but you do need to create one and stick to it.


Short Putting– Make 15 3 foot putts in a row around the hole Make 1 10 foot putt to complete. Restart with Misses

Chipping– Chip 5 balls in a row in a 6 foot circle with a lofted wedge. Repeat with a 7 iron

Pitching– 20 yards hit 5 shots in a row in a 10 foot circle work on one hop and stop as well as a release and run shot.

Wedges– Make a 3 or better from 20-40-60-80-100 more than 3 restart. If your really on your game play the game at 12 or better or restart

Bunkers– 5 shots in a row in a 10 foot circle.

Fullswing– 3 balls per club not missing any shots left of your target. Switch to right on odd days. Make sure your preshot and post shot routine is consistent.

On Course Games

  • Make 5 pars in a row and have to end with a birdie. If not restart dont quit even if it takes all day.
  • Play worst ball of 2 balls keeping your score. Tiger shot 65 doing this remember that.. Its tough and take a ton of focus.
  • Play holes until you make 2 birdies in a row.
  • All irons no woods.
  • 3 clubs only
  • 18 holes playing to the middle of every green for all shots
  • Make your own golf course. Many times ill hear players state they struggle to improve because their course isnt hard. You can make the course as hard as you want. One foot off the back of tee boxes playing short par 4s as 5 and even hitting irons giving you a longer approach.

Practice has to be harder than play. Way to often we get stuck in routines that will never allow us to grow. My advise to you is to be different! Last week listening to a pod cast with Kobe Bryant he stated at a very young age he would run into players than worked hard. Some getting up consistently at 6 am to improve their craft but very rarely did he see anyone getting to the gym at 4. Those extra hours allowed him to gain a competitive advantage on other over the years that made it impossible for them to catch up. By no means am i  saying you have to be Kobe Bryant and work to be the best but if you are sleeping in every day and not improving it may be time to find something to do that wakes you up.