Players ask me all the time. What do I need to do to take my game to another level? 9 times out of 10 they are spending a lot of time on the range and playing. 3 years ago I had the opportunity to listen to Cameron McCormick present at a coaching clinic in Charlotte. He talked a little about Jordan and the process of him evolving over the years. He talked about his practice regime and what he was doing to be an elite player. All of the talk sounded routine until he got into talking about distance and flight control and how they would use Trackman to help measure and hold him accountable. From yardage he would have to hit 4 out of 5 shots at the same trajectory and within a certain distance from the pin to move on. As you are hitting a few wedge shots to get warmed up think about how hard this would be to complete. He was being held accountable for the trajectory of the shot as well as the distance control. While watching him play over the past few years we can all agree that we are not wowed by him hitting the ball. But when the wedge and putter get in his hands its magical. Being in total control of your Wedge game in my opinion really separates the average from the great. Below and thru pictures above I’ll show you how to hit a low medium and high trajectory wedge shots just thinking about your lead wrist. Attack this part of your game and you’re guaranteed to shot lower scores!


  1. Low Flight- Ball Position center shaft slightly forward 75 percent of pressure in lead foot.
  2. Mid Flight- Ball Position center feeling more neutral pressure feeling 60/40 favoring your lead foot.
  3. High Flight-Ball Position slightly forward of center handle back face open to utilize bounce. Pressure feeling 50/50 in feet.

Add this to your daily practice routine. You should start just trying to hit a variety of trajectories and as you improve turn up the heat just like Jordan’s coach did on him and hold yourself accountable to hitting distances and different trajectories. My personal preference is a low flighted shot unless air is needed for landing purposes. But that is another topic for another day. -Sasha