Create an environment that causes discomfort!

Hitting balls and putts helps develop feel and sequencing but without a purpose its nothing more that exercise. Imagine if a basketball team never performed anything but layups and shooting with no scrimmaging. No one ever around to make them adjust their shots or passes. What about their heart rate? Never having to manage their [...]

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Greatness is a quite place

What's it going to take for you to become the best you can be? Our minds are always running 100 mph. As a teacher/coach your always trying to find as many competitive advantages possible to help your students grow. Over the years I've spent countless hours honing my craft as a teacher and player. There [...]

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Masters Tuesday 2018- A day ill never forget!

Last week I was asked to trade lessons for a ticket to Augusta! I've been offered to go a couple times but never pulled the trigger. Last night when I laid down I knew today was going to be special but little did I know this was going to be a day id never forget. [...]

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Do you lose speed in the 4th Quarter?

Trackman has opened so many doors for my teaching and training. Being able to manage each and every player in all phases of the game with accurate information is so valuable. Recently I've been digging into various data that students send me through reports combines and lessons. From how consistent are they at hitting the [...]

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2018 Needs to be more Consistent and Efficient

Have you ever heard the saying don’t bite off more than you can chew? Golfers come to me all the time wanting to improve and reach their goals. More than not they are behind the curve and against the wall on what we can get done. It takes commitment failure and time to become great! [...]

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The answer isn’t on YouTube its in the dirt!

When a player gets to the point where they are breaking 80 or better the opportunity for improvement becomes limited. To take your game to the next level you have to change your day to day approach. The way you think and the way you train has to improve. You have to test each part [...]

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Winter time is the perfect time to gain ground on your goals!

If you’re like me losing isn't an option!!! I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my process. Reflecting on my golfing days if I could do anything over my winter time process would have looked vastly different. Taking 3 to 4 months off while others are still preparing consistently is tough to catch. You [...]

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If you want to win you must Lose Consistently

Everything we do at some point we are a so called Beginner. From our early child hood we learned how to walk talk and eat. But how did we accomplish these obstacles? We consistently worked toward it and became natural or a habit. How many times do you think we fell or got bananas on [...]

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