The First Pga Tour Average Practice Routine

Practice makes Perfect! Ever heard that saying before? If your goals are to be the best you can be your time management and routine needs to be in line to match those goals. I've spent some time over the years studying the best players in the world to get a better understanding of how they [...]

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The answer isn’t on YouTube its in the dirt!

When a player gets to the point where they are breaking 80 or better the opportunity for improvement becomes limited. To take your game to the next level you have to change your day to day approach. The way you think and the way you train has to improve. You have to test each part [...]

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Winter time is the perfect time to gain ground on your goals!

If you’re like me losing isn't an option!!! I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my process. Reflecting on my golfing days if I could do anything over my winter time process would have looked vastly different. Taking 3 to 4 months off while others are still preparing consistently is tough to catch. You [...]

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State Championship Practice Routine

You have a week to dig in and get after it. The hard part is over you have put in the work and tested yourself over and over. From here till next week evaluating yourself and time management is going to be the key to you and your teams success. Below im going to list a [...]

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Practice like a Pro on the Range

It blows my mind to watch amateurs practice! Ill walk up and down the range and watch the balls fly left and right no routine or purpose. Those same players are asking me why they are not improving at the rate they would like. Jordon Speith uses alignment aids but the 15 handicap doesn't. Explain [...]

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One area of your game that cannot be overlooked!

Today's practice facilities set up most golfers for failure. Most, not all, have a putting green and a driving range and that is it. Some are not fortunate enough to have a range. On the range we have yardage markers of 100-150-200-250-300. Guess what yardages golfers get locked in on? You got it the same [...]

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Stop your wife from buying that new putter for Fathers Day and read this! Putting Tip

Becoming a great putter is an art in my opinion of sight and feel. Usually great shooters pitchers pool players ect translate into great putters. While watching PGA Tour Players prepare for events I always see them using aids to guide their putting stroke. You will see Jordon Spieth using an alignment stick Tiger always [...]

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Are you doing what it takes to elevate your game?

Each time a new students calls me to talk about what I can provide for them I usually walk them thru a series of questions. What are you looking for? How often do you practice? What are your goals? From there we get into an entire evaluation of their games and I match up what they [...]

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