Mental Toughness is far more important than you’re Golf Swing!

How many players do you think call me to work on something other than improving their swing? Maybe that's where we are with the development of our players locally. Improving contact and ball striking is important and please don't think it isn't. We have to hit the ball well to increases the number or birdie chances [...]

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What are the true fundamentals needed to play great golf?

Chasing this game for a lifetime i've watched players over the years struggle day in and day out working toward perfecting parts of there game to help them play better golf. When you turn on the TV on Sundays to watch the players on tour come down the stretch what are some of the similar [...]

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The answer isn’t on YouTube its in the dirt!

When a player gets to the point where they are breaking 80 or better the opportunity for improvement becomes limited. To take your game to the next level you have to change your day to day approach. The way you think and the way you train has to improve. You have to test each part [...]

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Winter time is the perfect time to gain ground on your goals!

If you’re like me losing isn't an option!!! I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my process. Reflecting on my golfing days if I could do anything over my winter time process would have looked vastly different. Taking 3 to 4 months off while others are still preparing consistently is tough to catch. You [...]

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Control Your Wedge Shot Trajectory with your Lead Wrist

Players ask me all the time. What do I need to do to take my game to another level? 9 times out of 10 they are spending a lot of time on the range and playing. 3 years ago I had the opportunity to listen to Cameron McCormick present at a coaching clinic in Charlotte. [...]

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Stop Unweighting your lead foot to help compress and flight your irons.

Golf is a weird game huh? One day you’re hitting the ball great the next day you’re struggling to hit the face. When players call for my advice on their games very rarely are they hitting both the driver and irons poorly. When they are killing the driver they are scraping the irons when they [...]

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Simple Keys to Hit the Best Iron Shots of Your Life

When a student calls for a lesson the first order of business is to find out what's going on with their games. 9 times out of 10 the irons are great and the driver is bad or visa versa. Very rarely are they both in line. Or they wouldn't be calling right? We need to improve [...]

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