Link Hills Country Club has produced some of the finest junior golfers in the state over the years. Several players went on to play Division 1-2-3 golf and other went on to play in Us Opens Am and professionally. The last few years everyone in the club has had a hand in helping us create that type of environment of juniors working hard to reach a higher level.  This year unlike the last few we have juniors playing different courses locally and across the country. Last week we had 4 golfers in Greenville South Carolina playing a hurricane event. The challenge moving forward for our kids and parents will come down to being able to adapt. Can you adapt to all of the different obstacles that you run into? Humans have five basic senses: sighthearingsmelltaste and touch. We have to use those senses in practice rounds as well as play and practice. This may sound silly but a trait I’ve developed over the years is walking across the putting green first thing when I arrive to the course. My goal is to get a good feel for the surface. How firm or soft is the ground and how will that change the strategy for attacking the fairways and greens. My point is that we can feel our way around the course and save a lot of shots! We can feel the firm ground we can feel firm sand we can feel the wind blowing off the left side of our face. All of that will affect your ball when its in flight and when it lands. Getting our players to understand the importance of implementing a proper game plan and having the right mindset to be able to adjust for the various conditions will be what separates the great rounds from the average. Anyone that has played the game understand it’s a balancing act when it comes to golf ball control. There will be days everything lines up perfect and you’re in total control and then other days will be tough. You have to be able to adapt to what you have that particular day and not let it affect you mentally. Golf is an extremely tough game and sometimes we make it tougher than it actually is. Be multiple learn how to hit all shots high low left right. Learn how to get your chips to put the breaks on and learn how to let them release. Develop a routine that prepares you for each shot you face. Carry that routine into each practice session! See and feel your way around the golf course be able to adapt to all conditions and circumstances that the game throws your way. Being that prepared and mentally tough is very hard to beat. Were not there as a group yet but we will be!! – Sasha