When a player gets to the point where they are breaking 80 or better the opportunity for improvement becomes limited. To take your game to the next level you have to change your day to day approach. The way you think and the way you train has to improve. You have to test each part of your game to ensure you have all the tools in the bag when the shots come calling. If you follow the steps below consistently you can stop watching YouTube and changing teachers and go to work. Band-Aids fall off but improved practice and consistent routines will take your game to the level you desire.


  1. Understand your Swing Bottom and Impact Location There are several ways to test your swing bottom. You can use a bunker or towel or alignment sticks the list goes on and on. Your elite level player has a swing bottom forward on the irons and level to slightly back on the driver. 99.9 percent of the time players don’t have a clue where the club is bottoming out and how that affects he strike and flight. Jr players want to swing hard and see the ball go far. That is great only if you can control the bottom and strike. Find out where you swing bottom is as well as your impact location and work to improve those.


  1. Improve Yardage awareness flight and shape- Quick fast golf swings are what I see the most of trying to produce a 200 yard 8 iron to wow their buddies. Very rarely do I have a student walk up to my lesson tee with Couples or Els control level tempo. Fast out of sync swings usually produce a swing bottom that is inconsistent and a lack of distance control. First and foremost you have to commit yourself to a consistent Tempo and from there find your Stock yardages. It does you no good to hit a 7 iron 175 and 210. Each practice you need to be working to dial in your yardages and working the ball flight and shape. 5-10 yards off in yardage can big a big number waiting to happen. And the draw isn’t always going to work with the pin is tucked in the right hand corner of the green with ob right. So let me ask you does your current practice sound like this. 5 balls on the green cannot cross left of my target line of I have to start over from 150 yards? That’s next level practice that you’re not going to find surfing YouTube.


  1. Develop and Elite Short Game– Chances are slim that you are going to lower your scores if you’re slapping the putter all over the ice and missing the greens from 100 and in. I’d like to break lob wedges that the majority of my students own because it doesn’t allow them to fight the shot needed and creates to much spin when the swing speed gets high. Each practice session I’d like to see student working feel for yardage and flight then holding themselves accountable for hitting the distance at a high percentage. From there can you make birdies from that yardage? The more you turn that distance into 2’s the quicker your scores drop. Keep the wedges dialed and get the putter locked in!


  1. What’s your go to shot? – All great players have a shot they rely on when they need to get a ball in play. Tiger always struggled with the block throughout his career. In his prime he had a stinger that he knew would hold up at all times and keep the ball in play. You’re going to run into shots all the time that you’re not comfortable with. Can you get the ball in play or do you have a 2 way miss? Id work hard to eliminate the block and hook. Great players produce a greater swing speed generally than the avg player. In turn their bodies fire fast and the club gets lost in orbit. Find your go to shot practice it under pressure and have it ready to go with the time calls.