Have you ever heard the saying don’t bite off more than you can chew? Golfers come to me all the time wanting to improve and reach their goals. More than not they are behind the curve and against the wall on what we can get done. It takes commitment failure and time to become great! Very rarely have I come across a person so driven and focused that they maximize all of their time and put in the work. Life is all about balance! I don’t want someone to do anything they don’t want to do thats for sure. But if you’re going to achieve something next level it is going to take a consistent effort.

  • Define the Goal– What are you working for? What are your dreams? Use your Smart phone or invest in a daily journal write down what the goal is.
  • Structure a plan– Based off of your goal construct a plan you can commit to daily. 10 hours a week is a great starting point. How consistently you can attack the plan the higher probability that the goal will be achieved.
  • Daily Measurement– All tasks need to be measureable and reviewed at days end. You need to see yourself fail and grow! Example: Bench press Reps and weight, Putting Percentage made from 3 foot. If you see these planning for the next day becomes more efficient.
  • Turn up the heat– As you commit consistently to your plan it will become easier. As it becomes easier turn up the heat! Increase the workload and focus to your plan.


3 years ago I was standing on the range with a European Tour player taking about his day and how he attacks the game. Very quickly it was apparent that he maximized his time and plan efficiently. He knew exactly where his opportunity to grow was every day! He kept a journal and used his trackman to track his progress. Each night he would sit down and plan for the next day based off of the previous days results. Driving home that day reflecting it was very clear to me that the biggest difference in him and others id been around wanting to play at that level was his overall management of himself. He doesn’t waste time because he’s organized. He’s not searching every day for the perfect swing. He’s not running from teacher to teacher and YouTube and Instagram for the perfect move. He’s attacking each phase of his game and having fun doing it. He’s consistent and efficient because of how organized and focused his plan allows him to be. He’s running a business and measuring his KPI’s daily. In 2018 are you going to run around scrambling wasting your time or are you going to put a plan in place that works? If not chances are your business that you are invested in is going to struggle and your going to have no one to blame but yourself!